IAS calls on Burmese Government to reverse ruling to shut down charitable HIV/AIDS clinic

February 24, 2016

While the trial did not study the effectiveness of FTC/TDF in women, it gives the Global Campaign and scientific community reason to be optimistic about its potential. Women around the world continue to bear the greatest burden of HIV and findings from other PrEP trials that are currently underway, such as VOICE, will be an important milestone in demonstrating success and the move toward licensure of both the gel and oral pills for women who are most at risk.

Given the Global Campaign's mission to ensure access to new and existing HIV prevention options, especially for women, 2013??the year that results of the VOICE trial are due??may prove to be an even more exciting year. The Global Campaign has been advocating for and supporting the critical need for more HIV prevention methods for nearly 12 years.

"There is light at the end of the long HIV prevention research tunnel," continued Halima. "With good news on the product front, efforts must be stepped up to ensure that the drug is approved and political and community will is established for such products to get in the hands of people who need them as quickly as possible."  

SOURCE Global Campaign for Microbicides