Kaiser Permanente physician to receive ASH Marvin Moser Clinical Hypertension Award

December 13, 2015

Kaiser Permanente's integrated healthcare model has many innovative elements, including the industry leading electronic health records (EHR) system called KP HealthConnect, which eliminates the need for hard copy patient charts and film and is the largest privately held EHR system in the nation. The connectivity is used in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente's Proactive Office Encounter (POE) program, where staff at every point in the care delivery process can identify scheduled screenings and lab tests, collect vital signs, and provide follow up contact and care. KP Health Connect and the POE together help Dr. Handler and his colleagues in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group track patients' high blood pressure readings and treatments and also send messages to other MDs. Also, patients, from the convenience of their home computers, can regularly send health questions via e-mails to their doctors through KP HealthConnect.

Last year, about 80 percent of Kaiser Permanente Southern California's over 600,000 hypertension patients had their blood pressure under control. In the U.S., high blood pressure affects over 1 in 3 adults -- 70 million people. If untreated, it increases their risk for heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease.

SOURCE Kaiser Permanente