Peripheral nerve stimulation promising for treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia

April 20, 2016

Two octopolar St. Jude Medical leads were implanted subcutaneously to the left of the patient's midline. Leads were tunneled subcutaneously to a location in the upper left buttock and a pocket was produced under the skin where a rechargeable generator was implanted. Two weeks after surgery the stimulator was turned on and the patient was given a remote which enabled him to turn it on and off himself. At a two-month follow-up appointment the patient's pain medication use was decreased to 10 mg of oxycodone three times per day with a pain score from zero to five out of 10 in contrast to his admission value of nine.

In December 2009 the patient was seen for another follow-up and reported he continued to take 10 mg daily of oxycodone in contrast to 60-80 mg daily prior to PNS treatment.

SOURCE American Academy of Pain Medicine