Pres. Obama emphasizes U.S.-Indian partnerships to track, fight diseases

February 19, 2016

India and the U.S. "'have 'responsibilities to work together for peace, stability and security in the world,'" she said. "We have, therefore, enormous potential to work together for a sustainable and inclusive global economic development, to address the challenges of infrastructure, clean energy, food security and health security, and educate and empower the youth, especially our women, for the responsibilities of the new era," she said, according to the news service (11/8).

NPR's "All Things Considered" looks ahead to Obama's next stop on his Asia-Pacific tour - Indonesia - by featuring an interview with Endy Bayuni, the senior editor of the Jakarta Post. "Some of the areas [that Obama will likely discuss with Indonesian leaders] include what they call the soft power from the United States; meaning assistance in the economy, assistance in promoting education and health care in the country," Bayuni said (Siegel, 11/8).

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