Researchers find link between foreskin and HIV infection

December 16, 2015

???It is a great privilege for AIDS Healthcare Foundation to join together with our esteemed partners in Saint-Petersburg to establish this innovative new facility which will provide HIV testing, antiretroviral treatment, medical care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS,??? said Dr. Jorge Saavedra, Chief of Global Affairs for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. ???The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide convenient access to such lifesaving services using a more patient-centered approach. Through this partnership, we hope to expand the number of people living with HIV/AIDS on treatment, and toward that goal, we envision the creation of additional outpatient and HIV and chronic viral diseases prevention units in other districts of Saint-Petersburg in the future.???

In addition to AHF??s Dr. Saavedra, AHF Senior Vice President Peter Reis and Zoya Shabarova, HIV/AIDS Adviser, Eastern Europe for AHF will attend and participate in the signing ceremony.

HIV/AIDS in Saint-PetersburgCurrently nearly 34,000 people with HIV are officially registered in Saint-Petersburg and approximately 3,300 patients are receiving antiretroviral treatment. In Frunzensky District??where the new partnership will have its first testing and treatment facility??there are 1,500 people with HIV officially registered, including 170 patients on ART.

???The approval of this new partnership is a major milestone for each organization involved, and we are eager to implement the care and treatment activities outlined in the memorandum of understanding,??? said Zoya Shabarova, AHF??s HIV/AIDS Adviser for Eastern Europe, who was instrumental in coordinating the collaboration in Saint-Petersburg. ???It is our wish that this inaugural outpatient testing and treatment facility in Frunzensky District, Saint-Petersburg??AHF??s first antiretroviral treatment site in Russia??will be the first of many in the partnership, and we hope that it may also serve as a symbol of hope for the possibility of access to lifesaving treatment for many of those living with HIV/AIDS in Russia today.???