Use of rapid male circumcision tool will help Africa reach HIV prevention goals

March 28, 2016

However, "[w]e have clinically studied and approved PrePex, [a] non-surgical device for voluntary adult male circumcision that requires no injected anesthesia," can be administered by a trained community health worker in less than five minutes, and was safer than traditional methods in clinical studies, Binagwahois writes. "Such simple solutions can be game-changers in the fight against HIV/AIDS," she continues, adding, "It is time to reinvent the vocabulary for what is possible, and I propose to start talking about RMC, Rapid Male Circumcision, because the device we studied can revolutionize our prevention toolkit in Africa." She concludes, "RMC is not a silver bullet but an extremely powerful tool when promoted in combination with other proven prevention strategies" (12/12).

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